A woman realizes that her boyfriend is in fact a woman who is also her best friend

This has to be the weirdest story I have ever come across and trust me… I have come across a fair few crazy ones in my life.

Woman’s boyfriend is her girlfriend with a strapon

As the story goes… A British woman met someone on facebook (where else) and over the course of their online courtship fell in love with that person. As unusual as this story sounds, trust me, there is kick to it…

The person the lady fell in love with approached her using a fake facebook account under the name of Kye Fortune, a young man who was half Filipino, half Latino…  Wait…

The two spent some time getting to know each other online and by phone, a time during which the young man said that he had been in a bad car crash and was too sick to meet her in person.

As the online relationship developed, the woman agreed that whenever the two of them would meet, she would be wearing a blindfold so anxious was her boyfriend about the way he looked that he didn’t want her to see him in that way.

phone sex numbersAnd thus begun their relationship.  A woman in love, a man and a blindfold.  The first time the two met was in a hotel room in the historic city of Chester, near Liverpool.  When the woman entered the room she duly used the blindfold that her boyfriend who was in the bathroom had left for her on the bed.  After the two of them had sex that day, her boyfriend went back to the bathroom telling her that he had to go back to the hospital for further treatment.

The two of them met several times after that, and each time the woman would wear a bling fold.  Then one day, sensing (finally!) that something wasn’t right, the woman removed her blindfold and who did she see?

Her best friend, Miss Gayle Newland who indecently was found guilty of three counts of sexual assaults in Chester Crown Court, on September 15th 2015.

How did Miss Newland managed to have sex with her friend and fool her into thinking that was a man?  With the use of a strapon!

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